Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thought for the Day

Isn't it amazing how you wake up one day and you have a husband and two kids? Sometimes I find myself wanting to yell, "This isn't how it was suppose to be!". But isn't that what life is all about? Life never turns out how you think it will. Maybe it turns out better or worse, but never exactly how you thought. We can spend our lives fighting it or going along with the ride; hands up and screaming for joy all the way down.
I may not be that famous opera singer or broadway star that I so longed to be; but when my baby girl smiles at just the sight of me or my son is sick and can only be comforted by my embrace, I know that there is something bigger happening now. I know that I will be remembered for many years to come. My legacey won't be an oscar or a tony award. It will be the positive imprint of life that I have left through my children and then through their children and so on.

red queen book

Obviously its been a while since I last posted and I have finished the book (actually I finished it quite some time ago). So here are my thoughts....
The second half of the book was completely pointless and unnecessary. The second half followed a British professor that is mysteriously sent the book (the book implies that the dead queen has sent it to her from beyond the grave to get this professor to help tell her story), and how the book effects her. The only bad thing here is that the author does not really illustrate very well how the book effects her. It just goes on about the trip to Korea that the professor takes (not because of the book, she has a conference to attend) and what happens to her there (she tours a couple of places that where mentioned in the book, she meets a man and has an affair with him, he dies, ect.) and then it bizarrely ends with her meeting her dead lovers wife and they both adopt a baby from China together. WHAT? I have no idea how this connects to the first half and why the author put this in. It was almost as if the author needed to fill up pages so the book would be longer so she just stuck in this last half.
If the first half (which I raved about) sounds interesting to you I suggest you just go online and try to find the actual memoirs and read them instead of this. The only good thing that came from me reading this book was getting me interested in Korean history and wanting to read the actual memoirs of this Korean "Queen".