Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Book: "The Red Queen"

I am currently reading "The Red Queen" by Margret Drabble. I am highly enjoying this book so far. It is written in two parts. Part One, is the story of the 'red queen' as told by her. This story is based on the memoirs of the crown princes of Korea during the 1700's. Part Two, is about how the ghost of the queen picks a professor to help tell her true story. (I am currently on part two).
Here is the blip from the book: 200 years after being plucked from obscurity to marry the Crown Prince of Korea, the Red Queen's ghost decides to set the record straight about her extraordinary existence - and Dr Babs Halliwell, with her own complicated past, is the perfect envoy. Why does the Red Queen pick Babs to keep her story alive, and what else does she want from her? A terrific novel set in 18th century Korea and the present day, The Red Queen is a rich and atmospheric novel about love, and what it means to be remembered.
I must say that the first part of the book was captivating. Being of some Korean descent myself it was fascinating to read about some history of Korea. There are some liberties taken by the author as to the feelings of the "queen" and how the story was being told by her ghost. However, It has made me want to do research on the actual memoirs of Princes Hong (her real name)/The Red Queen. I'll keep you posted on the last half of the book and what info I dig up.


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